What makes the perfect location?

So, it’s been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it?!

I’ve taken a step back from social media during the lockdown to focus on my young family.  I won’t lie, at times it’s been tough but I am, in a funny kind of way, very appreciative of how this time has allowed us to slow down, to be present and the wonderful memories that it has given us the time to make.

It’s been wonderful to have my little boy back at home with us and to watch his relationship with his little sister blossom.  At times, it’s driven me crazy but mostly it’s made my heart melt.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little of what we’ve been up to in exploring the local area (of course, with my camera in hand) to give you an insight into how lifestyle location shoots can really capture the life and soul of your family.

My passion for photography started with outdoor photography and I’ve never let that go. I just love how different locations and lighting can open up so many creative opportunities and how, when photographing families, we can use a location to tell their story and connections.

So as we’ve journeyed through these last few weeks, I thought I’d show you some of the shots I have captured and some insights into how these locations can capture beautiful images of your family too.


This photo was shot shortly before sunset a few weeks ago.  We’d been on a wander around some local footpaths and stumbled upon this rope swing and stream in the woods which was perfect for my energetic, fun loving children.  The natural smiles and giggles as they played make these images so beautiful and make me reminisce of my own childhood summers.

In the photography world, we joke about “photographer’s child syndrome” where they either immediately pose or outright refuse to do anything upon sight of a camera.  I’m not going to lie, my children definitely have the latter, but I think so do many others and adults do too.  That’s why I like to encourage your family to engage as you normally would on a photoshoot, have fun and allow me to capture you from a distance doing your thing.

These shots were taken shortly after those energetic ones on the swing as the sun settled lower in the sky and we chilled in the field with a snack before heading home.  My little boy knew I had the camera and wouldn’t look my way but I often love images like this more than the posed, with everyone looking forward and smiling.

I am so sad that we missed out on the bluebell mini sessions this year, they are one of my favourites and as soon as restrictions were relaxed and we could travel a little further, we headed straight to my favourite spot for these shots.  It was a beautiful day with the warmth of spring just starting to come through and the gentle light shining through the trees.  We had some fun and then some posed shots, although my daughter made sure she got her personality in them with her facial expressions!

As the weather’s got warmer, we’ve been heading out for walks earlier in the day, often taking breakfast with us.  These shots were taken early one morning at a local country park whilst we wandered the open spaces listening to the bird’s sing, climbed trees and played in the meadows full of beautiful yellow buttercups. The sun was shining brightly but I love how this adds to the emotion of the picture.  It truly captures the happiness we felt.

So as the lockdown continues, albeit with some easing coming, I’m looking forward to being able to continue with the location shoots but with your family too.

But for now, my family and I will continue our walks to scout out those perfect locations for your maternity, newborn, children and family photoshoots.


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